June 30, 2020

Place your pre-orders today for the weekend festivities! Pre-order your salads, dips, meat, cheese, wine, beer, ice and we will have it ready for the weekend for fast and easy pick up.

Dips available for order – Feta, Corned Beef, Hummus
Salads for order- Fresh Broccoli, Fresh Fruit, Quinoa, Tortellini, Grandma’s Potato, Cole Slaw & Cherry Chicken

Today’s Salads: Fresh Broccoli, Tortellini, Cherry Chicken, Cali Quinoa, & Grandma’s Potato Salad
Today’s Dips- Feta & Corned Beef

Special- Egg Salad on multi with lettuce, tomato & cheddar

We will not have soups this week due to high temps and volume of salads

June 25, 2020

As many of you know we have been having some issues with our computer system (this is an understatement) but it seems that we may have figured out and resolved our problem. Thank you for being patient with us the last few days.
Our online ordering system should be back up and running today. If you have any issues ordering on there please call us at 6168502665 so we know.
Today’s Soup: Split Pea with Ham
Today’s Salads: Fresh Broccoli, Tortellini, Cali Quinoa, Cherry Chicken
Today’s Dips: Feta & Hummus

Let’s Eat!

Happy Tuesday! Here’s what’s for lunch at Lucy’s-
Today’s Soup: Vegetable Beef
Today’s Special: Egg salad on multigrain, cheddar, lettuce & tomato
Salads: Cali Quinoa, Broccoli, Grandma’s Chicken Salad & Tortillini
Spreads: Hummus & Feisty Feta

June 20, 2020

Our online orders are not working today. Sorry for the inconvenience

June 19, 2020

Lucy’s computers are down today so NO ONLINE ORDERS. Cash is best. Sorry for the inconvenience

Salads: Fresh Broccoli, Tortellini, Potato Salad, Cherry Chicken Salad
Soup: NE Clam Chowder
Feta & Hummus